In almost all cases, there are two fundamental reasons why we all find it such a challenge to maintain a clean and neat work area.  One is that we are constantly bombarded by the distractions that come along with our daily lives.  And two, we fail to allocate time each day to stay on top of the clutter and keeping it neat.  By taking the initiative in your office cleaning, you will more than reap the overall rewards.

Many professional cleaners feel the best way to maintain a neat and tidy workspace is to make a conscious effort, day to day until it becomes a habit and routine.  If need be, set the alarm, or make the time on your daily calendar that reminds you that your workspace needs to be cleaned and tidied each and every day before you leave for home. 

Creating a plan of strategy will make the task all that much more accomplishable.  Devise yourself a daily checklist of tasks that need to be done, and as they are accomplished check them off. 

Some tasks that could be included on this list may be:

1.  Put all files and folders back in their properly designated spot.

2.  If you need to leave files out of projects in progress, make sure to place them where they can be cleaned around by the office cleaning staff.

3.  Shred necessary documents, and make sure to toss out papers, snack wrappers, and other such refuse lying around.

4.  Return all coffee or drink mugs to the breakroom.  At this time it is best to rinse them properly, clean, or even place them in the dishwasher.  Once cleaned, common courtesy dictates their return to the overhead cabinets.

5.  Make sure if a somewhat stubborn stain occurred during the work day, that it is sufficiently flag or marked so the office cleaning staff may adequately deal with it.  If they don’t know it is there, they can’t tackle it while it is still fresh.

6.  Make sure to wipe down your computer screen at the end of each and every day.  By their very nature , computer screens are a magnet for tiny particles that are floating in the air, and by wiping it down with a microfiber cloth, you will not have to deal with them the next day, or the consequences of their building up over time.

7.  Wipe down your desk, drawer handles, keyboard and mouse with antibacterial wipes.  This will ensure that when you return to work the next day, your desk area is sanitized and ready for use.

Once you make your list and start implementing it, the whole process of office cleaning will soon become a daily habit.  Think of how satisfying it will be to come into the office, and have a tidy and clean workspace to start your workday.

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