When it comes to your general office cleaning, the more obvious areas are the ones that seem to get the most attention.  However, other areas need to be given the same focus on a routine basis.  We will take a look at a few of these crucial areas below.

1.  Telephones

Next to computers, the telephone is one of the most essential and most often used pieces of office equipment.  It is also highly probable that each and every desk in a business or office will have its own phone.  Upon inspection, you will most assuredly see that there is gunk built up in both the receiver handle and the push button numbers, as telephones are one of the most overlooked items when cleaning.  The telephone is one of the most essential tools of your business, and as it is usually used several times each day, it is suggested that it be added to your regular cleaning schedule.

2.  Computers

Other than the telephone, the computer is undoubtedly the most essential electronic in any business.  And much like the telephone, it is overlooked during day to day cleanings.  In fact, the computer in most offices and businesses is the least cleaned item.  Only when a tower or monitor is needing to be moved, do we come face to face with the fact that a good cleaning needs to be done.  However, if you add your computers to your cleaning services routine schedule, then you will not only have a cleaner office area, but it will also go a long way in the prevention of electrical problems down the road.

3.  Office Chairs

Because they are more visible, the seats and backs of most office chairs are taken care of during the routine office cleaning.  However, the same can not be said for the areas underneath those same chairs as they are as a rule not thought of.  Over time, the lack of routine cleaning can result in the build-up of dirt and grime.  Making sure to include the areas underneath the chairs in your regular cleaning will provide a healthier and cleaner work area.

4. Vents and Ducts

In modern business times, there are very few buildings that do not have either heating, air conditioning, or both.  With the advent of these two great inventions, the air is heated or cooled and moved through your office.  However, moving right along with that air is any dirt or dust that happen to be living in your vents.  If your cleaning service is not making an effort to routinely clean this area, then you may very well have a massive amount of dirt and dust left unchecked—not to mention the possibility of both mold and mildew.  Other than the sheer fact that the system contains the dust and dirt, each time if kicks the fans on that very same dust and dirt is being distributed through your business area.

5.  Lights

Because in most office settings the lights are not at our eye level, we never really notice just how built up with dust and dirt they truly can get.  However, anyone who has had the job of cleaning off a ceiling fan can tell you, the struggle is real.  It doesn’t matter what type of lights you have, they all will suffer from dust and dirt build up, so it is advised that their cleaning be include in your routine schedule.

Dust and dirt, along with grime, can build upon almost every surface in your business.  It is in your best interest to not only routinely clean the obvious areas, but the not so obvious areas as well.  A good office cleaning can go a long way to providing a cleaner, healthier workspace.

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